Art Gallery Afternoon


Middling, middle-aged, Midwesterner getting a weekend workout in before an art gallery date with his wife.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

This painting by (George) Ault... always!!

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

Viewing Kansas City's Monet (Water Lilies panel) once more before it is loaned to a French institution for 18mos.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

Our Little Slice of Paradise

June 2022 (last updated: 19-Oct-2022)

Our little slice of paradise. In the land of NO SALT, NO SHARKS, NO WORRIES. Over several days we've experienced ducks & geese with their young waddling or paddling behind and seagulls and fox and chipmunks and snowshoe hare and a gargantuan, adult black bear I estimate weighed about 400-450lbs that was a treat to see.

Nature, ain't nothing better... although that stout with a roasted marshmallow on top gave Mother Nature a run for its money.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison
Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison
Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison
Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison


June 2022, posted (from Jul/Aug 2019)

"This is some fucked up shit, yo! When I saw this sign, my imagination conjured the image of a person using their cellphone while in the ocean and being encircled by sharks."


Great White Shark pedants, I'm pretty sure Great Whites do NOT circle; please don't allow your heads to explode over my imagination's knee-jerk response to the sign. Furthermore, of all the pedantry "Actually-ing" out in the world, shark pedantry is some of the worst. I'm just speaking the truth. Nobody else will tell you this. But I will.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

writing more songs


They let men who look like sasquatch book hotel rooms in the hilly and mountainous countryside. I'd have to check the automatic date-stamp of this particular photo to know precisely what mountains are hidden behind the blinds: TN, VA, NC or the steep beauty rising effortlessly in WV. Too lazy to look it up. Guessing blue ridge in this photo; not for certain. Anywho...

Cruising down the mountain, always

with love and peace as pace.

But got one loaded and locked under the front seat.

Ya know... just in case.

. . .


Staying fit on the road, or trying, while dining out ALL. THE. TIME. #KeepingFit #HotelGyms


Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

Shoveling driveway & sidewalks


THIS is a crow. In the snow. So you know.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

When Politics & BIG Tech Join Hands the Working Class Need Worry

20-Dec-2021, posted (I reshare this photo every so often to remind myself)

BIG tech + the mighty O in 2011

Photo Credit: Business Insider

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Nov 2021

​An absolutely great holiday... so far. We added to the shared Thanksgiving '21 holiday memories by folding Friday's city-based, social-scene shopping into a Saturday road-trip to small towns and shops, enjoying a Country Christmas in the Flint Hills, one of my wife's favorite places in space-time — and where, yesterday, I learned, while sitting in a newly opened "saloon" located in an old building she and I toured and considered buying pre-COVID, just how many Kansas cowboys and farmers take their whisky with diet Coke. (WTF?!)

There's always something to learn. Always.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison



Me, totally goofing & posing as the classic American Internet Darling Moralist: Dehydrated. Swerving. Pulsating.

Scarf: Icelandic

Jacket: Longmire-esque.

Hair and makeup: courtesy of Salon Still Trying to Survive COVID so IDGAF!!

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison

Geoffrey & Rachel


Attending the Johnson Country Library Foundation's Library Lets Loose event. A great time, always!!

Photo credit: The Independent

Geoffrey & Rachel

July 2021

At the mouth of the Mississippi River!!

Photo credit: Geoffrey Allison