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"Dreams Remembered" (version 2) by Buckethead

posted 17-Aug-2022

This record has me reliving an extended stay in Budapest; [it] vibes like his album, COLMA, I infinity-looped and that became, for me, a sonic representation of the Danube; memories like mercury, liquid metal—all the beauty & danger existing in measurement.

"Warm Your Ancestors" by Buckethead

posted 17-Aug-2022

I am just a boy appreciating another boy wanting, or needing, to both express himself prolifically through his mode(s) of communication AND guard or protect or conserve his privacy and Self from the world through the wearing of a mask and a fried-chicken-to-go bucket.

"Thunderstruck" by Celtica Pipes Rock

posted 29-July-2022

"Folk 'n' Roll" by The Clan

posted 29-July-2022

Between liminal spaces, post-exercise

posted 21-July-2022

Then, or not

Me, just returned from the gym, having lifted weights, and listened to two versions of one of my favorite songs, existing in the liminal spaces between then & now, the quantum of both and neither, simultaneously... content.

Now, or not

"Gutter Ballet" by Savatage


Fond of the following song. Not so much the video. Maybe because I grew up at an ice rink as a metal-loving teen surrounded by younger siblings and other competitive figure skaters --boys & girls; men & women-- who took dance lessons either to help with skating, or for a separate love of dance, but I always felt ballet should've been featured in the video.

​Shit... how trad does that make me? (​Lyrics via band website, here.)

"All of This Could Have Been Yours" by Shooter Jennings


The shift in the song below, at around the 2:45 mark, slipstreams into an exploration of a 60s vibe. At least it does to my six (not five) senses.

"Long Strange Golden Road" by The Waterboys


Lyrics (and they are awesome) may be found at the band's website, here.

"Whole Lotta Rosie" (cover) by The King


Fun cover. Meh video.

"Weed and Whiskey" by Raelyn Nelson Band


God bless Raelyn; Willie's granddaughter, FTW!!