Geoffrey Allison

Set {Generalized Identity} == {Human} ∪ {Male} ∪ {Partner}

Simple & Imperfect

Since he's human, Geoffrey is arguably better suited for a life in the wilderness and yet he routinely & effectively adapts to social situations & occasions, like backyard BBQs, office luncheons & holiday parties.

Writer - Fighter - Candlelighter

A fabulist riding the bronc of humanity's merits & foibles for that magical 8 seconds; an unlicensed poet in the smoke & amber; a muse, amused — basically a curious observer, analytic, & explorer of life who enjoys creating independently & publishing anonymously.

Inspired by an Old, Familiar Tale

Inspired by a story about animating a monster in a laboratory, Geoffrey creates fictional stories and composes rock guitar instrumentals in his basement. Sometimes his creations, like Dr. Frankenstein's, come to life.

A Recovering Accountant, a Nickname

Geoffrey is no longer a practicing CPA; SIXSTRINGcpa is a decades-old nickname; the moniker performs domain-name-duty for this website.

Personally & Professionally


Certified Public Accountant & Finance

Business Development Executive

Strategy Department Head, Fortune 100

Adjunct Professor



Guitarist & Songwriter

Co-producer, Uncovering Kansas

Cofounder/Volunteer, literacy charity

Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects Advisor/Consultant (Discrete for the C-suite)

Always (partner)


Son / Brother / Uncle


Geoffrey and his wife & partner, Rachel, live on the Kansas-side of the Kansas City metro state line, unless they're traveling extendedly for work or pleasure.